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 Service Best Management
Service Best Management is an award-winning, internationally recognized  workshop designed to assist managerial staff in creating an environment for the delivery of superior customer service.  This thought-provoking and interactive workshop looks at the theory behind excellent customer service and provides useful tools to assist in making customers’ experience positive and memorable. 
The Service Best Management workshop will teach you:
  • the 15 proven methods of identifying and tracking your customers’ expectations.
  • how to use service quality management to improve your bottom line.
  • ways of identifying the key service gaps in your organization.
  • how to develop standards that ensure consistent, superior service.
  • five easy steps to hiring the right people and avoiding costly staff turnover.
  • seven key training factors to establishing and maintaining an environment that motivates staff to continually deliver quality customer service.
  • how to increase employee success with on-the-job training.
  • how to coach employees to reach their full service potential.
This workshop will benefit your business on every level, from a more positive work environment and higher staff retention to satisfied customers, repeat business, new patrons, and increased profits!
If your business achieves 60 per cent or greater staff or management participation in Service Best, it will receive recognition through our Business Recognition program. 
If you want to give your business a competitive edge, register for a Service Best Management workshop today! 
14 hours / 2 days
$400 + GST
For more information contact us at stec.training@sasktourism.com
Local: (306) 933-5900
Toll Free: 1-800-331-1529