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Hire a Service Best Student
Make sure student employees are ready to serve your customers with Service Best training!
STEC provides Service Best training to a number of high schools across Saskatchewan.  Service Best is an award-winning, internationally recognized workshop designed to assist frontline staff in the delivery of superior customer service.
Making this workshop available to high school students provides them with the training they'll need to work in the tourism sector.
Students who attend this workshop will learn:
  • how to demonstrate the difference between ordinary and outstanding service.
  • how to identify and respond to customer needs.
  • best practices in service delivery.
  • three vital communication concepts and the importance of non-verbal communication.
  • the power of a positive attitude and how to use it on-the-job.
All participants in this workshop are presented with a certificate of participation and the option to write an exam.  Students who successfully pass the exam receive a gold seal on their certificate.
Watch for the Service Best workshop on student resumes!
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