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Five Industries
There are five industry groups in the tourism sector, including:
Food and Beverage Services
Recreation and Entertainment
Travel Services
In 2005, for consistency of communication and in order to be compatible with international statistical standards, the Canadian Tourism Human Resource Council (CTHRC), the Tourism Industry Association of Canada, and the Canadian Tourism Commission all agreed to use the same terminology and classifications when describing the organization of tourism services.  Based on the Canadian Tourism Satellite Account (CTSA), the CTHRC and the other tourism authorities recognize five tourism industry groups within the tourism sector: accommodation, food and beverage services, recreation and entertainment, transportation, and travel services.  Within these five groups, the CTSA recognizes 20 individual industry sub-groups.

Industry Professionals Say
In  the  1990s,  Canada  was  a  pioneer  in  developing  the  Tourism  Satellite  Account  (TSA),  a  statistical  instrument  for  defining  and  describing  tourism  as  a  multi-industry  sector  consisting  of  various  components  of  five  established  industry  groups  that  provide  services  directly  to  visitors.   The  TSA  has  since  become  an  established  international  standard,  used  by  more  than  70  countries,  for  providing  credible  information  on  tourism  as  an  economic  activity.   For consistency  and  credibility  in  communications,  it  is  important  that  all  Canadian  tourism  professionals  and  businesses  continue  to  endorse  and  work  with  the  accepted  terminology  and  classifications  for  describing  the  economic  aspects  of  tourism. "
Scott Meis
Special Advisor, Program Evaluation and Research
Canadian Tourism Human Resource Council