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Welcome to the Saskatchewan Tourism Education Council!  STEC is an award-winning branch of Tourism Saskatchewan.
As a Tourism Human Resource Organization, we are committed to the provision of education and training that supports professional growth and human resource development in Saskatchewan’s tourism sector. 
We offer industry-developed National Occupational Standards in 46 tourism occupations; Professional Certification in 27 frontline, supervisory, and managerial positions; a variety of workshops for tourism professionals; career awareness initiatives that include presentations to high school students across Saskatchewan; and a Ready to Work - Tourism Careers program that provides unemployed individuals with the skills and experience needed for long-term, rewarding careers in tourism.
On this site, you'll find information about Saskatchewan’s tourism sector, education and training programs, industry-developed occupational standards and certification, career opportunities, and more!

Industry Professionals Say
The  opportunities we have had  to fulfill our mandate have grown exponentially over the years, alongside the  province's growing tourism  sector. "
Carol Lumb
Saskatchewan Tourism Education Council